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Complete all sections below to submit your application to Point Park University's graduate education programs. If you have any questions, contact the Graduate Information Office at (844) 642-1622.  

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To meet newly revised federal requirements on the collection and reporting of race/ethnicity, please answer the follwing two questions even if you have previously provided this in the former one-question format. 
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Academic History

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Will the name on your official transcript differ from the name on this application?
Will the name on your official transcript differ from the name on this application?

Additional Information

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Registration Agreement and Certification

Point Park University reserves the right to admit or deny any applicant based on appropriate criteria. An interview is not required as part of the admission process, but under certain circumstances an interview may be requested by the admission committee in order to arrive at an admission decision.
I certify that the information on this form is complete and accurate. I understand that falsifying any of this information may result in cancellation of my application or dismissal from the University. I authorize the use of my transcripts by the appropriate personnel in evaluating my application to the University. Additional requirements for each program may also exist.
As part of the cohort program, I understand that I will be registered for the entire cohort and remain registered unless written notification is submitted to the Education Department and the University Registrar before the beginning of each course. I acknowledge that I am financially responsible for all charges in the event of withdrawal from classes, as outlined in Point Park University’s current tuition refund policy.
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