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MAT Elementary Course Prerequisites

The Illinois State Board of Education has defined specific General Education requirements for all Elementary Educators. Candidates for the MAT Elementary program must submit transcripts that document that they have met these general education requirements prior to entering the program.

In an effort to expedite your transcript review, please list the University name, course number and title, and the course description for each requirement you meet.

Official transcript(s) must document that all course work submitted to meet General Education requirements has a grade of C or higher.

Content Area 1 - Communication and Composition

  • Course in Advanced Composition

  • Course in Public Speaking/Speech-Communication

Content Area 2 - Mathematics

  • Course in College Algebra or higher

  • Course in College Geometry or higher

Content Area 3 - Natural Sciences (one course must have a lab)

  • A course in Life Science (i.e. Biology)

  • A course in Physical Science (i.e. Earth and Space Science)

Content Area 4 - Humanities (9 credit hours made up from two areas)

  • Fine or Performing arts

  • History, Philosophy, Literature

  • One course in American History (Required)

Content Area 5 - Social and Behavioral Sciences (9 credit hours made up from two areas)

  • Coursework from Psychology or sociology

  • Coursework from Political Science, Economics or Geography

Other Requirement

  • Applicants must transfer in one course classified as a Non-Western course or area of study.

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