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Application for Off-Campus Graduate Programs

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Thank you for your interest in our off-campus graduate programs. Please submit the following application along with your $30 application fee in order to reserve our seat in the off-campus program of your choice.

   General Information
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* If you are married, is your spouse a current Huntington University employee?

   Work Experience

Please note, if you do not have two years of teaching experience you may be required to provide a written essay on reasons for pursuing a Master’s degree in education.

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* Have you been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor offense?

   Cohort Information
Please choose the semester you plan to begin the program, your preferred class location and the program you wish to enroll in.
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   Education History

* Have you applied to the Huntington University Graduate School before?
List all colleges and universities attended, starting with most recent first. Provide official transcripts for all institutions you have attended.





   Terms, Registration Agreement and Signature

As part of the cohort program, I understand that I will be registered for the entire cohort and remain registered unless written  notification is submitted to the Registrar’s Office and the School of Education before the beginning of each course.   I acknowledge that I am financially responsible for all charges in the event of withdrawal from classes, as outlined in Huntington University's current tuition refund policy.


Huntington University strives to create and promote an atmosphere which will encourage the student to develop the highest attainable level of maturity within the framework of an evangelical Christian faith. The primary obligation of all students is to live as a responsible member of a Christian community, seeking to live up to their own ideals as they grow personally, morally, and spiritually. The Christian life is primarily positive rather than negative; creative, loving service to others is far more important than adherence to a list of detailed prohibitions.


Huntington University has historically sought to create an alcohol and smoke-free environment. We therefore ask adult graduate students to respect this tradition by refraining from alcohol and tobacco use as they participate in Huntington University learning experiences.

  1. I certify that all answers are true.
  2. I agree to comply with the policies, rules, and regulations of Huntington University.
  3. If I was a student at Huntington University, I hereby request and authorize a release of my transcripts to the Graduate School at Huntington University.
  4. I authorize Huntington University to use my image in promotional materials and advertisements.
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