Holy Family University
Document Upload
Holy Family University requires that all candidates submit a personal statement. Please submit a statement outlining your future professional plans and/or goals. 
Doctoral applicants: please submit a personal essay outlining your academic and professional goals and the role that the doctoral program at Holy Family will play in the achievement of those goals
Note: You may have already submitted your personal statement as a part of your application in Step 1. If you submitted your statement on your application form, you do not need to submit the statement again. Please contact the Graduate Information Office at (800) 946-9570 if you have any questions. 
Holy Family University will download a copy of your teaching license as long as it is available in the state database. If we are unable to locate a copy of your license, you will need to upload a copy of your teaching license using the fields below.
Submit your current resume that includes all professional experience, certifications, professional memberships, and professional activities directly to the Graduate Information Office.
Doctoral applicants are required to submit recent scores from either the GRE or MAT (within five years); requirement is waived for students who earned a master’s degree through Holy Family University.