Carson-Newman University
School of Education & Counseling
Confidentiality Agreement For Field Placement Assignments

Several federal and state laws protect the privacy rights of students and families. Yet, for university students, there are many instances in which confidential information is discussed in order to better understand P-12 students and how to help them. As a Carson-Newman student, you may share confidential information only in discussions and assignments that are an integral part of your clinical training. Even within this restricted use, names and other identifying characteristics should always be masked. If, at any time, the terms of confidentiality are violated, termination of the placement may occur.

As a participant in a field experience placement in a PK-12 setting:

I realize that I am subject to the code of ethics of the school in which I am placed.

I will keep confidential matters private.

I understand that field placements are a privilege and not a right. The school’s principal and/or university supervisor reserves the right to deny or remove any Carson-Newman student who violates confidentiality or other district policy.