Application for Graduate Cohort Admission

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Contact Information

Personal Information

Date of Birth
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Program Information

Note: Please call 708-957-5994 for Educational Technology Program Locations
Note: EdD/PhD Reading Language and Literacy begins Fall 2014
Academic History
For Masters Completion Students: Please include all schools attended whether or not you obtained a degree.
Only include colleges and universities in which a degree was conferred.

Please list all previous colleges and universities which you attended starting with the most recent. Note your field of study, dates attended as well as any degrees earned.

Official sealed transcripts are required from each college or university listed below.

Professional Experience

List professional experience relevant to your program, starting with the most recent first.

Background Information
Please provide us with some additional information about yourself and your family.


Financial Aid

The Honor Pledge

As a student of Concordia University Chicago, and a member of the larger society, I pledge to uphold an academic honor code that supports serving and leading with strong personal integrity. Specifically this includes not cheating or using inappropriate or dishonest means in the completion of academic requirements. This also includes not giving unauthorized assistance to others. I understand that it is my responsibility to comply with this honor system.

I understand that Concordia University's official policies and procedures are published in the Graduate Catalog. I understand and agree that these policies and procedures may be revised during my enrollment at Concordia University Chicago.  I agree that I am responsible for reviewing and abiding by these policies and procedures.

I verify that the information provided on this application is true and correct.  I understand that the falsification or withholding of any information in regard to this application may result in loss of credit and dismissal from the institution.


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